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angelineOne of the biggest problems with anonymous online dating is that there are lots of fakes out there. I’m not just talking about fake websites that are designed to suck your money and time. Those websites are quite abundant. However much of a problem and headache these websites are, there is also a bigger problem that you need to be aware of.

Even if you join a real dating site, there are lots of girls looking for sex who are not actual girls. That’s right. These are actually men. These guys will end up wasting your time and, if you’re not careful, you might end up needing one which could cause serious misunderstanding, embarrassment, or even tragedy. To avoid all this unnecessary bullshit, you need to learn how to find girls who are looking for sex or actual girls.

Trip them up with questions

If you use a site like freelocalsex then the first thing that you need to do is to simply ask questions. You have to understand that if it’s a guy pretending to be a girl, he will eventually trip up. He will eventually show his hand or, in this case, his penis. So you might want to keep asking questions that you know only women will answer a certain way.

Also, make sure you ask for pictures. Still, simply getting pictures doesn’t necessarily mean that this account is real. You need to ask for pictures taken at different times and using different poses. You need to throw him or her off to get the truth.

Sustained inconsistency should be a clue

If you notice that when you talk this person and that in this person communicates in a very inconsistent way, that should be your biggest clue into this person’s real identity.

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